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Jody Levy

“Each pore and spore tingles with the delicious knowledge of the long awaited birth; the god body, the light body, this fully conscious earth.” JL 

Jody Levy is a prayerformance artist, poet and visual artist. 

The intention of my work is to create a tuned field of conscious energy within which we can participate with the primordial bliss and self-liberating force of the Creative Evolutionary Intelligence. 

I perform for audiences of all ages, creating an ecstatic and sacred environment where we can experience the primal and sacred power of language as a force of creation, and delight in the healing powers of the arts.

I had been a leadership and organizational development consultant or, as one organization dubbed me, Corporate Shaman.   My current passion is to facilitate workshops, ceremonies, celebrations and embodied spoken word events to strengthen and re-ignite creativity and community in organizations using ritual, movement, music, poetry and story telling. 

some spoken word pieces can be found on soundcloud  at http://soundcloud.com/soulatplay