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Joseph Jacques

My name is Joseph J. Jacques Social Architect and Gratitude life-style coach for culture.  My life's purpose has been to provide a platform/stage for humanity to gather and see itself in profound ways.  My main organization:  CAST "Conscious Action Starts Today" is my Master Context from which I create and provide useful and meaningful curriculum's for those to know their great story of themselves in relationship to their psycho-social-spiritual-earthy environment.  I use the tools of CAST to help organizations like 'ONE'  bring light to the many ways human beings can connect and play out their life passions, goals, visions and purpose.  I know like all great social architects that life is an inside out job!  So, we start with the body/heart and go out to the world.  Remember, the hero starts with the striving of an individual, but ends with the healing of a community.